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Mini Rose Shaped Apple Pies

It isn’t very often that you come across a dessert that manages to be both adorable and elegant.  These mini rose shaped apple pies are the best of both worlds!  They can be made for any event from a backyard get-together to a formal dinner party, and are guaranteed to get a lot of ‘wows’ from the crowd.

mini apple shaped rose pies

I was kind of intimidated by these little beauties at first, to be honest.  I mean, I’m not a fancy pastry chef and these are obviously really hard to make, right?  Actually, they aren’t!  The key to making them are very thin apple slices that are the same thickness.  It’s much easier if you have a mandolin, but totally doable with a sharp knife and a steady hand.  

mini apple shaped rose pies 1

After cutting your apples in half lengthwise, remove the core, stem, and seeds.  Cut the apples into thin, even slices.  This is where that mandolin comes in handy!  Honeycrisp or Pink Lady apples work very well, but any crisp, red-skinned apple will do.  The key to good apple pies are of delicious apples.

mini apple shaped rose pies 2

To create your roses, lay the apple slices in a row with the peeling sides all facing the same direction.  Each apple should overlap the one before it by about half.  Begin at one end and tightly roll, keeping a consistent pace from start to finish, if at all possible.  If your slices are too stiff, putting them in the microwave for 15-30 seconds will soften them enough to roll into little rose apple pies.

mini apple shaped rose pies 4

These cute little apple pies are excellent drizzled with jam, sprinkled with powdered sugar, or warm with a scoop of ice cream.  However, you choose to serve them, prepare yourself for a barrage of compliments and/or disbelief that you made them in your own kitchen.  These mini rose shaped apple pies are a definite crowd pleaser.

Mini Rose Shaped Apple Pies
A fun twist on an apple pie. Perfect for any occasion or to fancy up a nice dinner.
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1970 calories
173 g
366 g
140 g
15 g
88 g
609 g
27 g
69 g
6 g
42 g
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size
Amount Per Serving
Calories 1970
Calories from Fat 1227
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 140g
Saturated Fat 88g
Trans Fat 6g
Polyunsaturated Fat 6g
Monounsaturated Fat 36g
Cholesterol 366mg
Sodium 27mg
Total Carbohydrates 173g
Dietary Fiber 9g
Sugars 69g
Protein 15g
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Pastry Puff
  1. 1 cup flour
  2. 8 tbsp. butter
  3. 1/3 cup ice water
  1. 1 red apple (thinly sliced)
  2. ¼ cup granulated sugar
  3. 1 tsp. cinnamon
  4. ¼ cup melted butter
  5. Aluminum foil
  1. 1) Mix flour, butter, and ice water together. Knead dough until ingredients are mixed. I will be sticky. Cover and place in the fridge until ready to use. When ready to use roll out. Sprinkling with flour, and then fold into thirds. Roll out again, and repeat sprinkling with flour and folding until dough because manageable.
  2. 2) Roll pastry puff out and cut into strips about 1 inch (2 fingers) wide.
  3. 3) Brush each strip of pastry puff with melted butter, and then sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar.
  4. 4) Lines apples along each strip of pastry puff. The straight edge should reach the middle of the strip, and the curved end will stick out over the edge. Each apple should overlap for easy roll up.
  5. 5) Fold the strip of pastry puff in half over the apples. Brush with more melted butter and sprinkle with more cinnamon and sugar.
  6. 6) Starting with the end of the strip where the apple is on the bottom, roll the pastry puff and apples up to form roll.
  7. 7) Place each rose in the center of a piece of aluminum foil and roll up the edges to keep rose from unrolling. Fill the center of each rose with cinnamon and sugar.
  8. 8) Preheat oven to 400 degree F and make for 20-25 minutes until golden brown. Let the roses cool and then remove from foil. The roses should hold their shape. Sprinkle with powdered sugar before serving.

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Products At Work: The GOMACO 3300 paver is slipforming curb and gutter off the right side in Clarksville, Arkansas

This three-track GOMACO 3300 paver is slipforming curb and gutter in Clarksville, Arkansas. The GOMACO 3300 has a symmetrical design that allows for paving off the left-side and right-side. This machine is set up for right-side pour and is now being converted to pour eight foot (2.4 meter) sidewalk. This 3300 also features a folding conveyor for transport.

Photos By Kelly Krueger, GOMACO Corporation

3300 – The World’s Most Intelligent Multi-Application Paver Designed for Right-Side and Left-Side Pour

  • The world’s most intelligent multi-application paver.

– Smart Front Pivot Arms for leg positioning reference for G+®control.
– Smart Power-Slide on rear leg for positioning reference for G+ control.
– Extreme Steering capabilities with hydraulic rotational drives.
– Smart Leg Positioning and Smart Steering provide correct steering angles through a radius.
– Sensored Radial Steering on all tracks for automatic directional control.
– Smart Telescoping Mold mounting system for reference to G+ control for repeatable mold offset.
– G+ ConnectTM for 3D guidance systems and accessories.

  • Designed for right-side and left-side pour.

– Symmetrical configuration for paving on either side.
– U-shaped operator’s platform for right-side and left-side operation and ultimate operator visibility.
– Sliding console for operating off either side and locks out of sight when not in use.
– 20 foot (6.1 m) conveyor with four-way hydraulic positioning for loading the hopper on right-side or left-side.
– Folding conveyor reduces transport length.

  • Load-sensed hydraulics for maximum performance and optimized for fuel efficiency.
  • GOMACO Hook-and-Go mold mounting system for quick mold changes.
  • All-Track Steering for tight radius work and job-site mobility.
  • Tier 4 ready.
  • G+ quiet running technology.
  • Isolated operator’s platform for operator comfort.
  • Sideshifting trimmerhead and mold.
  • Vertical adjusting trimmerhead and mold.

Download The 3300 Slipform Paver Brochure (PDF)

More on the 3300 Slipform Paver.

Wells Fargo Reports: Homebuilder Confidence Jumps in August

The National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index rose 4 points in August to 68. Rising demand for new homes pushed the future sales index up 5 points to 78, back to its post-recession high.

Demand for New Homes Strengthens in August

  •   Homebuilder confidence rose solidly in August, as more homebuilders reported improving sales and strengthening demand in general.
  •   The present sales index rose 4 points to 74, which is precisely even with its average for the past six months. The future sales index climbed 5 points to 78 and is back at its post-recession high. Builders are selling homes as fast as they can build them.

Low Inventories Continue to Limit Sales

  •  Single-family starts have not risen nearly as much as builder confidence has, reflecting the greater difficulty builders are having obtaining lots and labor relative to past cycles.
  •  The lack of new construction is apparent in prospective buyer traffic, which remains below past highs. Builders have far fewer model homes today than they did in the past and little finished inventory, making for difficult comparison with prior cycles.

AEM Poll: Rural-Urban Agreement on Need for Infrastructure Investment

An overwhelming majority of Americans in urban, suburban and rural communities believe that investing in infrastructure will improve the U.S. economy according to a new poll released Tuesday by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers(AEM).

While infrastructure needs differ in different parts of the country, the new survey shows that adults strongly support modernizing U.S. infrastructure and believe that investments will create jobs and improve their quality of life.

“The findings underscore the fact that infrastructure connects rural and urban America – both literally and physically,” said AEM president Dennis Slater. “America’s infrastructure was once the envy of the world, but after years of underinvestment, our infrastructure and connectivity between rural and urban America have deteriorated considerably. This is one of the areas rural and urban Americans agree on today – that we must modernize and rebuild our infrastructure to reclaim the infrastructure advantage we once had.”

The national poll identified a number of key findings, including

  • An overwhelming majority (89 percent) of all adults believe that investments in infrastructure will strengthen the U.S. economy, including eighty-six (86) percent of urban and eighty-nine (89) percent of rural Americans.
  • More than eight out of every ten adults (82 percent) agree that investments in infrastructure will increase the number of jobs in their communities, with eighty-four (84) percent of suburban, eighty-two (82) percent of urban and eighty (80) percent of rural Americans sharing this belief.
  • Americans across the country agree that investments in infrastructure will improve their quality of life (81 percent). This sentiment is equally strong in suburbs or towns (82 percent), cities (80 percent) and rural America (79 percent).

Read the full polling memo here.

“It is time for Congress and the administration to listen to the American people and rebuild our infrastructure, spur economic growth and accelerate job creation as a result,” said Kip Eideberg, AEM vice president of public affairs and advocacy.

Respondents also identified transportation, construction and manufacturing as the top industries poised to benefit most from increased infrastructure investment. Thirty (30) percent of all Americans pointed to manufacturing as one of the three primary beneficiaries of increased spending on infrastructure, a figure that rises among Midwesterners (34 percent) and rural Americans (34 percent).

The poll also found that a third of Americans (33 percent) believe that investing in broadband and wireless connectivity would most likely benefit their ability to access educational and workforce training resources.

The findings support recommendations made in a recently released report by AEM called The U.S. Infrastructure Advantage ™. The report emphasizes the importance of the United States reclaiming its infrastructure advantage in order to maintain its global economic dominance. The report also highlights several areas in which infrastructure, such as surface transportation and broadband, provide critical links between urban and rural communities and economies.

About the Survey

AEM conducted the poll in partnership with YouGov through its online omnibus survey. The survey was fielded to 3,481 U.S. adults, including 667 adults who self-identify as living in a rural area. Figures have been weighted and are representative of all American adults (18+). Fieldwork was conducted between July 26 and July 28, 2017.

DIY Beautiful Wall Cubby Shelf – Free Building Plan

Hello friends at Remodelaholics! It’s Ananda from A Piece Of Rainbow,  where I blog about home and garden inspirations, and creative DIY projects!

We all love a beautiful and well organized room, such as this gorgeous craft room at Just Between Friends blog.

Are you noticing that wall shelf?

Diy Wall Cubby Shelf Free Building Plan @Remodelaholic

Jonie found this beauty at a local store which has closed.  She graciously gave us permission to create a building plan for everyone who wants it. Thank you Jonie!

This unique and versatile wall shelf  would look great in so many spaces in a house: kitchen, kid’s room, office, craft room, or even laundry room.

DIY Wall Shelf Building Plan Apieceofrainbow (7)

How to Build a Wall Cubby Shelf

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience; learn more and read our full disclosure policy here

Click here to get a free printable version of this building plan

*All Remodelaholic building plans and tutorials are for personal, non-commercial use only. Use this printable plan as you build, but don’t sell the PDF plan or otherwise distribute the file. (Items built following this tutorial may be sold, but the instructions and PDF file may not.)Thanks!

Before we start building, remember safety first! Please follow good practices to build safely and smartly. Always wear eye and hearing protection. Work on a clean level surface, free of clutter or debris.

Let’s start with the cut list:

All parts are cut from a sheet of ¾” thick plywood.

  • (1) 9.25” x 40.75” : back side of shelf
  • (1) 10” x 40.75” : bottom of shelf
  • (2) 3.5” x 40.75” : top and front trim
  • (6) 9.25” x 9.25” : shelf dividers
  • Optional: (2) 3” x 36”, these two pieces are for hanging ( see Step 5 ) and do not need to be very accurate.
  • Optional: ¾” edge banding if you want to give the plywood cut edges a more finished look.

DIY Wall Shelf Building Plan Apieceofrainbow (8)

Other Materials and Tools:

  • paint and / or stain for finishing
  • jig saw, circular saw, sand paper or sanding pad, drill, 1 ½” wood screws
  • measuring tape, square, pencil, safety glasses!!
  • Kreg jig ( optional: a 90 degree clamp ) and 1 ½” pocket hole screws

Step 1:

DIY Wall Shelf Building Plan Apieceofrainbow (2)

Drill pocket holes on the back board. Join the back and bottom of shelf together at 90 degrees using 1 ½” pocket hole screws.

A good way to do this is to use Kreg jig and the right angle clamp.

DIY Wall Shelf Building Plan Apieceofrainbow (15)DIY Wall Shelf Building Plan Apieceofrainbow (14)

Image Credit: Kreg Jig

Step 2:

Cut each divider using the measurements below. Cut the curves slowly and carefully with a jigsaw.

DIY Wall Shelf Building Plan Apieceofrainbow (3)

Attach each divider to the back and bottom of shelf using 1 ½” wood screws.

DIY Wall Shelf Building Plan Apieceofrainbow (4)DIY Wall Shelf Building Plan Apieceofrainbow (5)

Step 3:

Add top and front trim pieces to the shelf.

Because these two pieces are not structural, you can screw them at just a couple of end points.

DIY Wall Shelf Building Plan Apieceofrainbow (6)

Step 4: Options for hanging.

One option is to screw the shelf directly to the wall studs.

Another great option is to use French Cleat, which comes with a cleat mounted to the wall and a matching edge cut into the object to be hung.

DIY Wall Shelf Building Plan Apieceofrainbow (10)

You can either buy or make your own French Cleats by cutting a 45 degree slope into two piece of ¾” plywood. The cleat can be the full length of the cabinet, or slightly shorter.

Once the cleat is secured to the wall, the cabinet can be simply lifted onto it. Even a heavy cabinet can be hung easily this way.

Step 5: Finishing touches.

DIY Wall Shelf Building Plan Apieceofrainbow (13)

Image Credit:  Just Between Friends

If you want to hide the cut edge of the plywood, use edge banding before painting.

Iron-on edge banding is a strip of wood veneer with hot-melt adhesive on one side to make plywood edge look like real wood.

DIY Wall Shelf Building Plan Apieceofrainbow (9)

If you love a farmhouse whitewashed look, here’s a detailed tutorial on how to whitewash wood using 3 easy and fun techniques. And this ultimate guide to create distressed wood paint finish will be perfect for those who want a rustic chippy paint finish!

How To Whitewash Wood 3 Ways Ultimate Guide Apieceofrainbow 1

What would you use this shelf for? What color would you paint it with? Let us know in the comments!

Can’t get enough shelving ideas? You will love these 16 DIY floating shelf projects!

16 DIY Wall And Floating Shelves Apieceofrainbow (15)

Have a great summer and happy building!

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Real Life Rooms: Mid-Century Modern Curb Appeal Makeover

 Mid-Century Modern Curb Appeal | Virtual Makeover by AD Aesthetic on

Hey there Remodelaholic readers! Dawn here, from AD Aesthetic, and I’m back this month with another reader question mockup to hopefully inspire some creative ideas for your outdoor space. If you’ve missed any of my previous reader question mockups, you can always see all my posts here.

If you follow Remodelaholic on Facebook, you’ve probably seen several of the reader questions that are submitted every month. Well each month here on Remodelaholic, I choose one reader submitted photo to offer my two cents on, and I create a Photoshop mock up of what I would do if I were in your shoes! (Pssssst— you can submit your reader questions by messaging Remodelaholic on Facebook!)

First though, my disclaimer: While I can recommend ideas that I think look nice, I have never seen this house in real life and don’t have accurate measurements. I am also not an architect or landscaper and do not know the planting recommendations for your area- I just like to make things look nice. I can’t guarantee that any of the items I put in my ‘virtual’ design will actually work in real life (or that they’ll fit your design style for that matter), and this is not intended to be a professional design consultation. So think of this as a just-for-fun rendering that hopefully gets your wheels turning and provides some inspiration!

On to the fun!

Mid-Century Modern Curb Appeal | Virtual Makeover by AD Aesthetic on

READER QUESTION from Grace — We are in the middle of closing on this house. I hate the weird pathways in the front and would love to hear some curb appeal ideas from you.

Mid Century homes, with their unique angles and mixes of building materials, are one of my absolute favorite styles, so I immediately had some ideas in mind about how to spruce up the exterior of this home, but before diving in, I always like to look around for some additional mid-century modern curb appeal inspiration:

Mid Century Modern Curb Appeal Inspiration @Remodelaholic

Mid-Century Modern Curb Appeal Inspiration

Mid-Century Modern Curb Appeal Home Inspiration

Image Source: H3K Designs 

Mid-Century Modern Curb Appeal Home Inspiration

Image Source: Interior Design 2014 | Photo Credit: Bernard Cuppett Designers

Mid-Century Modern Curb Appeal Home Inspiration

Image Source: Houzz | Photo Credit: FJU Photography

Mid-Century Modern Curb Appeal Home Inspiration

Image Source: First Lamp

Mid-Century Modern Curb Appeal Home Inspiration

Image Source: Pure Photo  | Photo Credit: Fred Moser & Kelly Lee

Mid-Century Modern Curb Appeal Home Inspiration

Image Source: Kylie M Interiors | Photo Credit: Kylie Mawdsley

Mid-Century Modern Curb Appeal Home Inspiration

Image Source: AV Builders 

Mid-Century Modern Curb Appeal Home Inspiration

Image Source: Flickr | Photo Credit: Jeff B

See what I mean? They’re so fun and colorful and beautiful! Sufficiently inspired, I got down to work. Here’s what I came up with to give this home a modern makeover:

Mid-Century Modern Curb Appeal | Virtual Makeover by AD Aesthetic on

Mid-Century Modern Curb Appeal | Virtual Makeover by AD Aesthetic on

Mid-Century Modern Curb Appeal Ideas

Updating the garage door and front door to options that blend better with the modern angles of the home was the first step. That alone gives the place a brand new look and completely modernizes the front of the home.

Next, I cleaned up the yard, making one clear path from the door to the sidewalk, rather than several random walkways of different materials. This new streamlined path mirrors the horizontal windows in the new doors, which gives everything a nice, clean, cohesive look.

Finally, I cleaned up the landscaping with simple and symmetrical plantings, and gave the house a fresh coat of white paint to brighten it up and allow the doors to pop.

Mid-Century Modern Curb Appeal | Virtual Makeover by AD Aesthetic on

As always, thank you to Cassity and the Remodelaholic team for having me back each month. If you like this post, and have a design dilemma you’d like me to mock up some ideas for, you can ask your questions by sending Remodelaholic a message over on Facebook, or checkout my mockup design services over on my site And be sure to follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram and say hello! Have a great day, friends!


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New BlastMetriX UAV Improves Blast Design and Analysis by Quickly Capturing Accurate 3D Face Profile Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

The new BlastMetriX UAV program from 3GSM GmbH allows quarries and mining operations to take advantage of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology to quickly, safely an accurately capture three-dimensional face profiles for enhanced visualization of the blast area. The flexible system is the right tool for surveying large blast sites and does not require the use of propriety UAVs. This allows operations to use existing drones in their fleet or locally source drone equipment to take surveying images.

The system requires only the use of aerial targets or the standard BlastMetriX 3D targets as reference points. The low-flying UAV captures multiple data-rich overlapping images to generate hundreds of thousands of data points for accurately characterizing typography of the surveyed area and creating a three-dimensional profile of the face to ensure blast safety and performance.

New users can order a standalone BlastMetriX UAV system that includes all necessary software for UAV surveying and blast design. Alternatively, existing BlastMetriX 3D users only require a simple software upgrade to quickly integrate the usage of UAVs into the surveying capability. It gives operations the flexibility to conduct surveys using either aerial multi-photo images captured by the UAV or terrestrial images from a calibrated digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera. This enables surveying operations to continue regardless of no-fly-zone restrictions or inclement weather.

Since BlastMetrix UAV does not rely on Cloud data storage, all surveying and blast design work can be efficiently managed in the field. All captured images are downloaded directly to the computer, allowing BlastMetriX users to efficiently produce a blast design. The designed blast can be georeferenced and data sent directly to smart drills, improving drilling accuracy and driving down costs.

The BlastMetriX UAV system gives technicians the confidence the blast will perform as designed to mitigate flyrock issues, high air overpressures, excessive vibration, poor fragmentation, subpar cast, loss of grade control and wall damage. As a result of blast design optimization using BlastMetriX UAV, operations can realize significant benefits including improved fragmentation, higher crusher throughput and lower drilling manpower requirements.

The new BlastMetriX UAV system gives operations advanced analytical tools for measuring blast performance, so programs can be optimized. BlastMetriX UAV offers pre/post blast comparisons, pre/post excavation reporting, muckpile quanitifcation – movement, volume and swell – and power trough analysis.

The scalable BlastMetriX UAV software allows companies to integrate as much or as little technology as required. Its capabilities can be expanded to meet an operation’s growing needs. Professional service, support and training of program use are provided by RAM, Inc. of Powell, Ohio. Additionally, RAM, Inc. conducts UAV ground schools to teach operators how to fly UAVs, prepare students for taking the FAA 107 pilot’s test and to help operations maximize use of UAV surveying technology.

About RAM, Inc.

An international blast engineering and consulting firm, RAM, Inc., focuses on improving productivity and safety through blast optimization, advanced technical services and training. RAM, Inc., offers a wide range of services, including Explosives Educational Services – offering the most up to date training seminars in the explosives industry – and Explosives Technical Services – providing innovative advanced technical engineering, project management, training, safety services and solutions, blast design and explosives applications for regulatory, mining, civil, military and seismic operations worldwide.                                   

About 3GSM GmbH

3GSM develops and markets easy-to-use systems for generating three-dimensional images of rock and terrain surfaces for assessments and surveying. Available for both surface and underground mining, 3GSM systems cut mapping time, deliver outstanding and reproducible results, and lead to an objective data basis for the planning and construction of subsurface and surface rock mass excavation and construction. The full 3GSM product portfolio includes BlastMetriX 3D, BlastMetriX UAV, ShapeMetrix 3D, ShapeMetriX UAV and ShapeMetriX TBM.